Inspirational talk by Jewish author

UsThe author of Bringing Bubbe Home will be visiting Bend on Tuesday, July 8 for a special public presentation. Author Debra Zaslow and her husband, Rabbi David Zaslow, will provide inspirational talks at First United Methodist Church at 7:00 pm. They each have released groundbreaking books, but Debra’s book is of particular interest to our hospice volunteers and staff. Both Debra and David are gifted speakers, known for their ability to inspire and entertain.

The word “Bubbe” is the Yiddish word for grandmother. Debra was humming along on baby-boomer autopilot when she felt compelled to bring her 103-year-old grandmother home from a nursing facility to live and die with her family. Zaslow had no idea if she would have the emotional stamina to mid-wife Bubbe to the other side.

Bringing Bubbe Home is the story of their time together in Bubbe’s last months. Debra watches her expectations of a perfect death dissolve in the midst of queen-size diapers and a volatile family dynamic, while the two women sit soul-to-soul in the place between life and death. As she holds her grandmother’s gnarled hand and traces the lines on her face, Debra sees her own search for mothering reflected in her grandmother’s eyes. When Bubbe finally dies, something in Debra is born: the possibility to move into the future without the chains of the past.

This author presentation is open to the public, free of charge. First United Methodist Church is located at 680 NW Bond Street in Bend. Book signing will also take place. Refreshments served.