Mike Putnam’s Photography

image5Mike Putnam is a fine art landscape photographer based in beautiful Bend, Oregon. His world class fine art prints are a celebration of the natural beauty of Central Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

Mike’s photography gear is an interesting combination of modern technology and historic craftsmanship. His photographic works are all composed and captured with a wooden large format film camera which gives his prints exceptional detail and depth unmatched in the photographic world.  Additionally, he utilizes a high tech carbon fiber tripod and the finest modern lenses available today in order to maximize image quality. The frames are solid cherry wood and handmade in his wood shop.

Many of Mike’s fine art photographs have required weeks to years of planning and execution. He often returns to the same location many times in order to optimize atmospheric conditions such as wind and light as well as environmental conditions such as bloom stage of wildflowers and snow conditions in Oregon’s mountains.

Mike has countless corporate and private collectors across the United States who can attest to the quality of his fine art photographs. For more information about Mike’s work please visit his website at www.mikeputnamphoto.com.