Vicki Shuck and Gary Vincent

Please take a moment and stop by to see the work of artists Vicki Shuck and Gary Vincent currently on display at Partners In Care. In the glass cases you’ll find Vicki’s beadwork. A slow process, she says it can take an hour to stitch enough beads to cover the size of a quarter. The art form is very meditative for Vicki and whether making jewelry or bead embroidery, she finds that the bead work quiets her body, mind and spirit. The acrylic paintings on display in the large conference room are by Vicki’s husband and native Oregonian, Gary Vincent. They reflect the natural beauty of our state and were inspired by his annual trips to Steens Mountain. Gary says that fast drying, but fluid and flexible acrylic paint suits his need to work quickly and directly – very different from Vicki’s art form process!

Gary and Vicki

Partners In Care continues to serve the needs of our patients and their family members while following all of the guidelines outlined by the Oregon Health Authority and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus. While it is a rapidly evolving situation, here are some things you should know about our response:
  • Our central phone number (541) 382-5882 continues to be answered 24/7.
  • We are still admitting new patients to both Home Health and Hospice.
  • Prior to every in-person visit, all patients receive a risk assessment for COVID-19.
  • Visitors to Hospice House are being carefully screened prior to visiting patients.
  • Our professional caregivers are exercising diligence in all aspects of caring for themselves and others.
  • Please consult the calendar on our website for program/meeting cancellations.