Marianne Prodehl and Pat Oertley

Pat Oertley

“When photographing, whatever the subject, I look for what appeals to me… that usually has color, interesting lines, and shapes. It is usually more of one aspect than the others… if I am lucky, it will be all those things at once. I use a single lens reflex camera because it is the most comfortable for me and I feel I have control of the shot I see. I like the feel of holding the camera in my hands with elbows against my body which steadies the camera. Looking at a “good shot” is very much like realizing that a painting is ‘finished.’”


Marianne Prodehl

Always in need of something to create, Marianne Prodehl went from cutting out pieces of yard art from old junk found in the desert to creating beautiful jewelry from similar old junk. It’s a love of metals and how they work together and separately that influences Marianne’s work. At Junk to Jems, she uses treasured stones and mixed metals for an eclectic and wonderful combination.


Arts In Care Mission Statement

Our Arts In Care gallery is dedicated to exhibiting fine art that explores the therapeutic connection between human creativity and the healing arts. Art has the rare ability to mend social, psychological, and physical ills by building community, inspiring change and celebrating life. These rotating displays are intended to feature artwork that speaks to our larger community and our desire to educate, enlighten, empower, and cultivate caregivers, families and patients alike.