Grief Support Services

We walk alongside you

The loss of someone you love can be a painful, stressful experience, and it’s important to embrace grieving as a natural, universal response. News of a terminal illness can also lead to family members grieving even before death has occurred. A person who is dying may feel grief for leaving people behind or having unfinished goals in life. Grief and accompanying behaviors are complex, and no two individuals experience it the same way.

When grieving, you may notice reactions such as denial or disbelief. You may feel shocked and numb. There may be mood swings from anger to sadness within a short time. One feeling that can be especially difficult is guilt. You may feel fine for a time and then experience an unexpected wave of intense grief. These are all very normal responses, and no one can predict their order or frequency.

Children Suffer Grief Differently
Children react differently than adults to a major loss. Their understanding of the permanence of death is dependent on their age. Also, each child is different in their emotional development and maturity to cope with the change around them. They watch how adults are reacting and may be confused on how to respond. This may be their first family death and funeral service. The age of the decedent and reactions by adults will shape their responses. Childhood grief is complicated, and the management of that can affect them throughout their lives. Adults should be mindful that children are recognized and included in grief support.
Partners In Care Helps Families Cope with Loss

It’s important to know that there are no right or wrong ways to grieve, but there are healthy ways to cope with loss. Grief counseling helps people process their feelings, recognize behaviors that are typical for the grief process, and builds the bridge needed to move forward after the loss.

Partners In Care offers specially trained, professional grief counselors who can support adults and children during this difficult time. We also host grief classes and support groups listed below. We encourage our patients and their families to take time to connect with our counselors and reach out for support. If you’re grieving and need support, we welcome your call at 541-382-5882. Please ask for Carla.


Camp Courage for Kids

Camp Courage is a three-day, free, summer art camp that provides a safe and healing environment where youth can share and express their feelings of loss and grief. It’s held each summer and helps children understand and express their loss using a variety of fun and meaningful tools.

Youth from Central Oregon who have experienced a loss and are experiencing grief are invited to register and participate in this art-based grief camp. As one former participant shared, “It’s just so good to know I am not alone and that even when you’re grieving, you can be together and have joy.”

This year, Camp Courage will be organized by a local non-profit partner, Clear Mourning. The camp is scheduled for June 26 – 28 in Bend. Clear Mourning will open pre-registration on April 1 and official registration on May 1. Anyone interested in receiving more information can sign up for their newsletter at 

Once registration opens, we will include information here! 


Support Groups & Classes

Adult Bereavement
Spousal Loss
Grief & Loss
Mindfulness & Grief Class

Partners In Care offers in-person support groups for a variety of needs. These classes are available at no cost and open to anyone in the community. Please call (541) 382-5882 and ask for Carla to get more information and to register.

A support group for people who have lost a spouse or significant other. The eight-week group will provide a safe place for individuals to share the journey toward healing after the death of a partner. Please call Carla (541) 382-5882 to register.

April 11 to May 30 (In-Person)
Tuesdays – 10:00 - 11:30 AM and 2:00 - 3:30 PM

Reinvesting in life after loss is less painful when the journey is shared with others. In this eight-week session, group participants will find hope, connection, and solace together. Please call Carla (541) 382-5882 to register.

April 13 to June 1 (In-Person)
Thursdays – 10:00 – 11:30 AM

The eight-week class defines mindfulness and offers instruction on managing the grief process with skill building tools such as present-moment awareness and using meditation and the breath to stabilize difficult emotions and intrusive thoughts that occur related to stress and grief. Please call Carla (541) 382-5882 to register.

April 10 to May 29 (In-Person)
Mondays – 2:00 - 3:30 PM