In 1979, Friends of Hospice formed in Central Oregon as an all-volunteer patient care organization. It was the first hospice in Oregon. Over the past 37 years, it evolved into what is now Partners In Care.

In 2015, Friends of Hospice has been re-created—this time as a membership-based supporting organization of Partners In Care. Friends of Hospice is an all-volunteer tax-exempt non-profit organization. Its central mission is to help people understand the complexities of dying, death, and grief within the scope of hospice and palliative care.

Anyone can join. An annual household membership is just $25 a year. There are benefits galore in the form of business discounts, an InfoChat phone line, and educational and social opportunities.

All activities sponsored by Friends of Hospice align with four areas of focus: TALK, PLAN, LEARN, and LIVE! Members believe in the value of hospice care at the end-of-life, and want to live fully until that time comes. They want to TALK about end-of-life issues in order to gain clarity and make their wishes known to others. They want to PLAN now to be prepared for an uncertain future. They want to LEARN about the dying process and how to navigate the complexities of healthcare. And they seek to LIVE life fully—making choices that enrich their lives.

Join this new group where you can express your appreciation for hospice care—and perhaps even change the narrative around end-of-life matters.