In every community, there are remarkable individuals whose quiet acts of generosity create ripples of hope that extend far beyond what we can see. Today, we at Partners In Care shine a light on such an individual, whose generous heart and lifelong commitment to community have inspired a gift that promises to redefine hope for many families facing unimaginable loss.

After dedicating 57 years to public education, Jerry Colonna has touched countless lives. His personal goal is to “leave his small part of the planet a little better than he found it” and he’s doing just that. His recent gift of $25,000 to Partners In Care is an embodiment of this principle, rooted in his personal journey through grief and a desire to offer comfort to others in their darkest moments.

As we begin to build this new initiative to serve Central Oregon, Jerry’s spirit of kindness, empathy, and belief in the power of education and community connection will guide us. We are deeply grateful for his trust in Partners In Care and his significant contribution to a legacy of healing and hope.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please visit our grief support page where information will be published as the program is developed and implemented for our community.

“I want to leave my small part of the planet a little better than I found it.”

Jerry Colonna