Home Health Frequently Asked Questions

What is home health care?
Home health care provides medical treatment for an illness or injury, with the goal of helping you recover, regain your independence, and become as self-sufficient as possible. Home health care can also help you live with a chronic condition like heart disease, COPD, or diabetes.

Is home health care right for me or my loved one?
Providing care can be overwhelming for the entire family, especially if you don’t know where to turn for answers and support. If you’re in need of short term medical support or relief because of a serious illness, injury, or surgery, home health care can make your life easier. If you’re an adult caring for a loved one, your mom or dad, or other family member with health care challenges, home health care can be a blessing. Call us. We can help.

Do I or a loved one qualify for home health care?
To qualify for home health care services, a patient must:

  • Be homebound or have a normal inability to leave home without considerable assistance
  • Be under the care of a physician
  • Require the skills of a nurse on an intermittent basis and/or require the skills of physical therapy, occupational therapy and/or speech therapy

More detailed information about eligibility is available at The Center for Medicare and Medicard Services.

When talking to my doctor, can I request Partners In Care by name?
Yes, you can! We’d be honored to provide care for you or your loved one. Under Medicare, federal law gives patients the freedom to choose their health care provider.

Will Partners In Care create a care plan just for me or my loved one?
Absolutely. After your doctor refers you to Partners In Care for home health care services, a Partners In Care clinician will visit you in your home to assess your needs. We will then work with your physician to develop your personal care plan, and continue to keep your doctor updated on your progress. If your condition or needs change, we’ll collaborate with your doctor to review your plan of care and make any necessary adjustments.

How often will my home health care visits be?
Our home health care visits and the services we provide are based on your doctor’s orders, ongoing assessments, and the collaboration in your personal care plan. Your doctor may change your plan, increasing or decreasing the number of visits or services provided, in order to provide you with the best home health care for your needs.

Who pays for home health care services?
Medicare may pay for your home health care needs if you meet certain eligibility requirements and your doctor refers you. Private insurance may also cover some home health care cost, including some services that Medicaid might not cover. We will work with you to contact your insurance company to learn about individual coverage and any co-payments.

Partners In Care continues to serve the needs of our patients and their family members while following all of the guidelines outlined by the Oregon Health Authority and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus. While it is a rapidly evolving situation, here are some things you should know about our response:
  • Our central phone number (541) 382-5882 continues to be answered 24/7.
  • We are still admitting new patients to both Home Health and Hospice.
  • Prior to every in-person visit, all patients receive a risk assessment for COVID-19.
  • Visitors to Hospice House are being carefully screened prior to visiting patients.
  • Our professional caregivers are exercising diligence in all aspects of caring for themselves and others.
  • Please consult the calendar on our website for program/meeting cancellations.